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Crooked Brow Productions is an up and coming Portland, Oregon based production company. Headed by award winning filmmaker Kyle Martin, its mission is to produce high quality entertainment on indie budgets proving that Hollywood levels of entertainment are achievable if you have the drive and vision to see it done. The team at Crooked Brow Productions strive to tell amazing visual stories with a focus on beauty, attention to detail, precision, efficiency, and safety using state of the art equipment and techniques.

After all film is a visual art form. If you want to tell amazing stories, shouldn't you have a team that can visually capture the story you want to tell?


Meet the team:

Director, Cinematographer, and Producer, Kyle Martin is a US Navy veteran who has always had an interest in film. His got his first camera, a VHS camcorder, in the early 90's that he used to make a number of short films including a music video for Metallica's One.

Luckily, none of that footage will ever see the light of day.

After injury forced an early end to his Naval career he went to college for business until he discovered that his school had a film program. After discussing it with his wife, he applied and was accepted to the film program at the University of North Texas and has spent every day since honing his craft, becoming a better filmmaker, father, and husband in the process.

Kyle Martin

Brent Lucas

Gaffer, Key Grip, and Director of Photography, Brent Lucas starting photographing his childhood adventures at the age of nine, leading to an interest in filmmaking by his early teenage years.  It started with choreographed pet films and led to creating entertaining skateboard videos with comical stunts well before Bam Margera and the Jackass crew were popularized on MTV.  Brent would negotiate with his teachers to allow him to convert his homework assignments into video projects whenever feasible. 

After high school, from tourist destinations to combat zones, Brent traveled to various countries throughout the world gaining perspective, but his most cherished time were the years spent learning at the “school of hard knocks” while living in Brooklyn, NY.

Known for being an accomplished photographer and filmmaker producing images for businesses, he’s been found on the sets of clients such as AT&T, Keen Footwear, Columbia Sportswear, and OHSU, but he’s just as likely to be shooting a head shot or wedding somewhere.

Brent has been involved in the production of short films, marketing ads, web series, and the feature length film, Riders on the Storm (2017).

Sarah Fuller

Assistant Director and Line Producer, Sarah Fuller began a lifelong love of theater at the tender age of 7 by working on her first production with her sister.  Cinderella Wore Combat Boots kicked off a childhood spent working with her family at the Foothills Theater Company; learning the ropes of stage etiquette, stage management and storytelling.  

In college Sarah worked with the Elite Dance Company and the Western Washington University Summerstock program hoping to prepare herself for a career in musical theater; she never expected to prefer exploring life behind the curtain.  

These days Sarah spends her time divided between the Hillsboro Artists Regional Theater and Twilight Theater Company; acting, stage managing, and directing.  The skills and knowledge she has gleaned through her experience in the theater have led her to the world of film, where she is able to put her skills to the test.

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